Early morning light shows the Newgrange mound against the dawn sky. Autumn colours are in the foreground fields and countryside. This is a mystical place and changes all year round with the seasons. Older than the Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England the site is designated as a world heritage site by Unesco

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size 30 x 20 inch.

Price : € 1000




The roof box is above the entrance to the passage tomb in Newgrange.It was designed to let the light penetrate the tomb during the winter solstice which occurs about the twenty first to the twenty third of December. This still orrurs today as it did many thousands of years ago.

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size : 25 x 18 inch.

Price: € 800




The Ceremonial Basin was used by the ancient people who built Newgrnge. Made of pottery it was highly ornate and rested in one of the alcoves on a base stone. Possibly this basin was used during religious events or worship ceremonies or simply as storage vessel.

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size : 16 x 14 inch.

Price : € 700




The narrow beam of light enters the passage tomb by way of the roof box.It illuminates firstly the floor and as the sun rises further it widens and gradually lights the whole chamber.This lasts for about 20 minutes in the early morning during the winter solstice.

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size: 16 x 14 inch.

Price : € 700




The passage tomb still has the beautiful carved stones standing as they were built. The floor level on the inside of the passage is climbing upwards. The roof stones are flat stones and have many small stones in between,its called a corbelled roof. The tomb is weather tight and waterproof. The construction suggests that it was built by a well organised society who understood the stars and alignment with the sun.

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size 48 x 48 inches

Price: € 4000




This painting shows the rising sun as it mounts in the sky at Newgrange. The light of the sun starts to shine from behind the morning clouds as the sky parts. It throws a hint of light along the outer walls and along the hedges. From late in Autumn the day light lessens until the shortest day on the 21st of Decenber

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size: 20 x 14 inch.

Price: € 700




The site at Newgrange is covered in a winter show with a red sky in the background. The light is reflected on the snow and the shadow of the fence stretches along the ground. The outer wall is dark but the front of Newgrange glistens with the winter light.

Format: Original Painting / Acrylic on Box Canvas.

Size: 20 x 14 inces

Price : € 700




The ornate standing stones on the way into the passage tomb have weathered a bit but are still stunning to see. They constantly are brushed against as people enter the tomb and walk up the inner passage. The carving is symbolic of the sun and stars and the same sort of figurative design can be found around the world in France and Australia.

Format: Acrylic on paper. Framed.

Size : 12 x 9 inch

Price: € 250




This neolithic construction is estimated to be over 5000 years old and one of many such mounds in the Boyne Valley area. There is a new visitor centre, Bru na Boine where there are guided tours with access the the various sites Newgrange, Knowh and Dowth. Some of the kerbstones are decorated with megalithic art and it is thought that it was used for many different spiritual events, Astrological, Spiritual and Ceremonial.

10. NEWGRANGE boyne valley


Newgrange is a Neolithic monument standing on the northern slopes of the Boyne Valley. Orientated towards the rising sun, it allows the suns rays to enter the tomb on the shortest day of the year.

Format: Original Painting /Acrylic on canvas. Framed.

Size 30 x 20 inches.

Price: € 1000


iconicireland is a new collection of paintings designed by artist Maura O’Rourke. These miniature works depict the warmth of Ireland with clear focus on the iconic landscape of the island.

Some of these works portray Irelands rugged sea scapes and landscapes, white-washed cottages, moonlit hills, stone walls and green fields. Upturned curraghs (traditional boats) which were used for fishing and have been tied against strong winds.

Others are inspired by renowned places in the heart of Dublin’s fair city: Trinity College’s front arch and campanile, and also the famous Ha’penny Bridge.

Prepared with love and care, these pocket sized keepsakes of Ireland and portable memories